If you have pets in your house, it’s almost unavoidable that they will stain your carpet every now and again. While many owners simply opt to clean it up and forget about it, others prefer to employ Sydney carpet repair contractors from companies like We Fix Carpets to have the entire damaged section removed and replaced. Here are a few explanations as to why the latter just might be the better option.

Deadly Ammonia

It’s not exactly the urine’s odor that is dangerous to your health but the ammonia it leaves behind, as enunciated by an article from eHow.com:

Small amounts of ammonia are not harmful to the majority of people, apart from the unpleasant smell. However, large amounts of ammonia can be dangerous for your health as ammonia produces a gas that is harmful to your sense of smell.


Many people suffering from allergies often find out that their conditions are exacerbated by the high concentration of cat or dog urine in the carpets. Moreover, inhalation of ammonia gas can cause the air passages of the lungs to narrow, causing flareups to people with asthma.

Pets’ Territorial Nature

Even if your pets don’t be able to produce enough ammonia in their urine for it to be deadly to a human, it still poses a threat to the health of your family. What’s more, if you simply wipe your carpet clean, your cat or dog will still be able to smell the residual ammonia, and by virtue of their animal instincts, add to the supply.

What to Do

Since just about any other conventional cleaning methods won’t completely clear away the ammonia, why don’t you just throw away the affected part of your carpet? There are many carpet repair professionals that can help you by employing a technique called invisible mending. Essentially, this entails cutting out the affected area and replacing it with a fresh carpet so that the patch job seems almost invisible.

There is no doubt that pets make life more colorful and worth living. Nevertheless, always remember that regardless of how human they seem, they still have animal instincts that have no place in a healthy home, thus you need to know how to efficiently deal with them.

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