Carpet Damage Description – Pulled Threads

This job was in Sydney Metropolitan area and was a residential job with the damage caused by a cat pulling at the loops with its claws.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

All we had to do on this particular job was to re-tufted the area with a needle and hand sew using the same yarn.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

The main thing that posed a problem was making the same kind of loop construction that is similar to the original loops which of course are sewn with a machine. Although when stitching by hand it is never as perfect as a machine, we can get it very close.


What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

The customer thought it was a great job! We stitched in new yarn that required a little time to wear in to become similar color as the rest of the carpet. After the carpet is walked on more you will not see where the repair was made.


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