Carpet Damage Description – Water Damage to Carpet

This was a Cronulla NSW carpet repair job we completed in a residential home to repair water damage to carpet.


How Was the Repair Made to the Water Damage to Carpet?

In this job as you can see we did the cut and patch work to replace the damaged area. This carpet was old, so it was very difficult to get the invisible seam look when we sew in the undamaged piece of carpet that we had to bring in due to there not being any extra carpet.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

The challenge that our technician faced during this water damage to the carpet was that we had to bring in a similar piece of carpet to make the patch. When we do this, it is difficult to get a good match as we don’t have the exact same carpet that we’re working on, however we usually can find something very close and definitely does the job in terms of keeping the carpet from damaging any further and keeping those who walk over it from tripping and injuring themselves.


What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

That was great Damien, much better now!


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