There are many services provided by We Fix Carpets including commercial carpet repairs Sydney. Carpet repair potentially saves businesses both money and time, two things that are essential to a successful business. Loose carpeting, stains and dirt spots, water damage and burn marks are typical carpet problems we see in a normal workplace. When your carpet is in need of attention, it’s in your best interest to retain the services of a full carpet repair company. However, choosing the right company is the key. We believe the company’s policy should be centered around two things.

Priorities for a Commercial Carpet Repairs Sydney Company

First, customer satisfaction is paramount to our success and second, the best way to both do the job and save you money with the utmost integrity. A lot of companies in the carpet business might suggest that you get a new carpet. This however, this is not always the best choice both for the carpet and for your wallet. Carpet removal is substantially more expensive than carpet repairs. This is where We Fix Carpets separates itself from the rest.

Carpet Damage Description – Carpet Stain Removal

This carpet stain removal job was a commercial job we successfully repaired in Sydney Metropolitan area. There was an old stain caused by an accidental spill to the carpet causing the damage you see below with a large circular stain and a smaller square shaped stain.

 How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

To make this repair to the stained carpet, we removed the damaged area by cutting it out. Next we found a piece of the same carpet that we could use to replace the cut out piece with.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

The 2 challenges we faced when repairing this carpet stain was to match the pattern of the carpet and to make the join as invisible as possible so there would be little or no noticeable area where anyone could tell that there was a carpet repair made to this area of the carpet.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

The builder loved the repair made. He said if it could not have been repaired they would have had to replace the whole common area which would have created a cost of over $5,000!

Hiring the Right Carpet Repair Specialist

We Fix Carpets are a specialized group of carpet repair specialist who emphasize and promote the properties involved in restoration instead of removal. We are a commercial carpet repairs Sydney Team and we believe we are the most effective and cost efficient way to deal with your carpet issues. No matter what caused your carpet damage, We Fix Carpets has the resources to complete any commercial carpet repair job. Regardless of what style or age your carpet is, our carpet repair professionals remain 100% confident in their ability to get the job done. This is due in part, to the quality materials and methods used to repair your carpets. With our ‘repair first’ motto, We Fix Carpets consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. From thorough carpet stain removal to the most challenging carpet repairs, selecting the right carpet service is your most important decision. When it comes to Commercial carpet repairs Sydney, there’s only once choice, We Fix Carpets.


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