Carpet Damage Description – Carpet Stain Removal

This carpet stain removal job was a residential job we successfully repaired in the Newcastle area a couple of hours from Sydney. There was a bleach stain caused by a spill to the carpet causing a faded piece of carpet in a circular shape.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

We had to remove the damaged tufts as you can see above and replace them with similar yarn.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

There was only one challenge in this carpet stain removal process. Due to the size of the damaged area it was proving difficult to make the match perfectly which made the job extremely difficult. See below to check if you can see where the repair was made.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

Remarkable! I thought I would have to replace my carpet as it was in the middle of the room. Thank you so much for saving me money!

Another job well done and another happy customer.

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