Carpet Damage Description – Carpet Burn Repair

This carpet repair was a residential project in Alexandris, NSW. The owner experienced a burn to the carpet and required carpet burn repair to be made as the burn mark was very noticeable. We sent out a carpet specialist to perform this Alexandris carpet repair job and he did a great job.


How Was the Repair Made to the Iron Burn?

To make this repair to the burn in the carpet, the old damaged carpet had to be measured off and cut out in a rectangular shape. After the area was cleared of the burn mark in the carpet we patched the area with a fresh piece of the same carpet and used the invisible mending technique to sew in the new piece.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

The primary challenge we faced when making this carpet burn repair was to get the pattern to match in the carpet. This can often times be a daunting task though we’re almost always able to get a good match.


What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

I cannot even see it! Where is it?


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