When you use bleach around your home to clean and sanitize, you are bound to at some point splash or spill some bleach on carpet. Unfortunately, if this happens to you on your carpeting, you may think that you have ruined your carpeting for good.

There is, in fact, no way to repair the actual damaged fibers because all the dye has been removed from them. Most people do not know what to do once they have bleach on carpet and believe that it is completely ruined. Buying a new carpet seems to be the only option but can be very costly. Other people have tried covering up the stain themselves to try and save their carpeting.

However, do-it-yourself methods won’t necessarily work well to cover up that spot, and you are better off seeking out a carpet repair specialist instead. Trained professionals will have proven methods and past success in this type of carpet repair.

Carpet Damage – Bleach on Carpet

This job was 1.5 hours outside of Sydney Metropolitan area and was a residential job with the damage caused by spilling of bleach on the carpet.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

We had to remove the damaged tufts and re-tufted the area using brand new yarn of the same colour.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

One of the biggest challenges when re-tufting damaged carpet is trying to match the yarn and colour to the original carpet which makes the repair much less noticeable. However, with time the normal foot traffic the area will blend right in and won’t even be noticed.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs Were Made?

The customer thought we did a great job! They said, “I cant believe it. I never knew you could fix carpet like this. Incredible! I was worried i had to buy new carpet.”

When you hire a professional carpet repair specialist, they will have the special training and knowledge of what the best method is to fix your carpeting. Instead of using some sort of carpet dyes to repair your carpeting, professionals will know how to cut out the damaged fibers instead. They will then be able to use brand new yarn of the same color to re-sew into your carpeting.

Finding the right colour to match can bet the biggest challenge, but once the new yarn is in place and trimmed down to the level of the rest of your carpeting, it will blend into the rest of your carpeting after some normal foot traffic. When you have bleach on carpet, don’t worry about having to buy a whole new carpet. Hire a professional carpet repairs central cost company instead like We Fix Carpets. We will have the expertise to repair your bleach on carpet spot and make your carpeting beautiful once again.

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