Carpet Water Damage

The Flooded Room:  Carpet Water Damage Repair

Carpet water damage can be one of the biggest problems a homeowner can face.  In desperation, homeowners might pull up the entire carpeting and invest in a costly replacement.  This is not always necessary; a prompt call to your local carpet repair company such as We Fix Carpets might be able to result in a salvaged carpet.

Carpet water damage is more than an ugly stain.  If left untreated, the carpet will begin to grow mould spores within hours of the initial flood.  Black mould, a potential mould that can occur as a result of water damage, can be a serious problem and has long been known to be a source of illness. Causing nausea and vomiting, flu like symptoms and respiratory illnesses, getting ill from mould spores does not involve touching the carpet water damage; these spores are passed in the air and inhaled.

It isn’t enough to put a fan on the area; carpet water damage repair is much more complex.

Considerations in keeping the carpet or tearing it up will include the type of water it was exposed to.  If the carpet damage was due to an exposure to a dirty water source, such as the backup of a toilet or sewer line, the carpet very well may need to be pulled up and replaced.  If, however, a clean water source caused the carpet water damage, such as a burst water pipe in the basement, your carpet might have a good chance at being salvaged.

The timeliness of the phone call to We Fix Carpets is important. If the carpet water damage repair can begin before the mould spores develop, your carpet has better odds of being saved.  Many companies offer 24 hour carpet water damage repair for this very reason.  Once you smell the odour of mildew, mould has already developed.  Even then, it might not be too late to save the carpet if aggressive action is taken.

We Fix Carpets, your trusted local carpet repair company, will pull the carpet back well past the scene of the carpet damage, exposing the wet pad beneath.  The padding is cut and removed and well placed high powered fans will be employed to dry the bare floor surface, carpet weave and backing completely.  A new pad must be placed after all areas are completely dry, and the carpet will be carefully stretched back into place.

The carpet water damage stain itself must be evaluated for a thorough deep cleaning and disinfection.  The carpet repair company will have the best tools and chemicals needed to assure complete removal of the stain and any accompanying odours.

Sometimes the carpet damage is too extensive for even a professional company to fix.  If this is the case, only the damaged portion might need to be removed and replaced with a matching piece after the floors are dried.  When done by a knowledgeable carpet water damage repair company, this cut and place method of dealing with carpet damage is seamless and unnoticeable.

Carpet water damage is overwhelming to take on alone, but with the help of We Fix Carpets, your friendly local carpet repair company it can be easier to deal with than you think. Flooding does not always mean replacing the entire carpet; let We Fix Carpets, your local carpet water damage repair specialist help you make the most appropriate choices for your carpet water damage.


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