Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration Services: The Lowest Cost Option to Replacement

No matter what shape your carpet is in, hiring a company knowledgeable in carpet restoration can help you bring it back.

We Fix Carpets has several carpet restoration services that we specialize in, to include:

Fixing fraying and running threads or separated seams in carpets. When a small snag becomes a big problem, carpet restoration can fix it.  A good carpet repair company will know how to safely trim and rework the fray back into the nap of the carpet, reattach it to the backing with special hot glues and tools, or simply pull the piece up and find a matching section of carpet to replace the worn section.

Water damage. Repairing water damaged is an especially tricky carpet restoration process.  A lot depends on the type of water that caused the damage; a carpet that is flooded by “clean” water as from a supply water line is more likely to be salvageable than “dirty” water floods, as from a septic backup.  Carpet restoration in this instance will involve pulling back the carpet and tearing out the soaked padding, putting high power fans on the carpet and replacing the padding before laying the carpet back down.  Water damage is a true carpet restoration emergency and requires a prompt call to We Fix Carpets to stop the process of illness inducing mold and mildew growth.

Carpet stretching. That loose carpeting can be as dangerous as it is unsightly; loose carpeting is slippery and can cause bulges or humps that can be tripped over as well.  The elderly are especially at risk for falls from loose carpeting.  Carpet restoration will require a team that specializes in these types of carpet services; the only option is carpet stretching.  Tricky and complex, carpet stretching will restore the carpeting to its original state when done correctly.

Carpet cleaning and stain removal. Carpet cleaning is the most routine carpet care service that companies offer.  The options to having a professional cleaning involve purchasing an expensive and usually ineffective carpet steamer or renting one at the store.  Rentals units are heavy and unwieldy, difficult to use and require that you clean them before returning them.  The cleaning chemicals that are used in both the residential and rental units are standard, low strength, and not always effective on all types of stains.  Carpet restoration services companies such as We Fix Carpets use the highest-powered chemicals specific to your carpet care needs.  We also offer non-chemical options that are safe for pets and kids.

Carpet restoration services for any need. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, carpet restoration is the best solution in carpet care for saving time and money.  Unsightly stains on commercial grade carpeting are as hard to remove as they are ugly, and can have a negative influence on a customer’s perception of your business.

Carpet restoration services are the lowest cost option when considering what to do with your old carpeting.  A good carpet restoration company can fix any problem large or small for a fraction of the price of carpet removal and replacement. Call us today at We Fix Carpets and let us work with you to restore your carpet back to good health.


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