Carpet Repair Preparation

Carpet repair does not have to be a painful process for you or for your carpet repair specialist. In fact, we’ve taken a little time below to detail out a typical scenario that you would encounter when working with We Fix Carpets to make your carpet repairs simple and go off without a hitch.

 How to Have Your Carpet Repaired

Ok, so the first thing you need to do when you preparing to have your carpet repaired is identify the area that needs to be repaired. You do this by moving anything out of the way of the damaged carpet and measuring the height and width of the damage. Next you will want to take at least one photo of your carpet damage. When doing this you want to make sure you have sufficient lighting when taking the photo so our expert carpet repair specialists can review your case and give you the best quote possible when we contact you.

 Background of the Damage

Next you will want to write down a few things so you can remember to detail these in your initial request for a quote. You will want to answer a couple of questions.

  • Do you know what caused the damage?
  • How long has the carpet been damaged?
  • Have you tried to repair the damage yourself?
  • Carpet Stretching
  • Carpet Seam Repairs
  • Carpet Water Damage Repair

Answering these questions and including them in your initial request for quote will again help us determine your exact situation without being there.

Planning For the Carpet Repair

Now, when planning for the carpet repair you will first want to check to see if you have any available carpet left over from the original instillation. If you don’t, the next thing you will want to check is whether or not you have an area that is not easily visible by guests that we can cut out a piece of carpet to replace the damaged area with.

Next you will want to contact your local carpet repair experts here at We Fix Carpets via our website Carpet Repair Free Consultation Form. When contacting us on our website, make sure you are able to give all of your contact information such as your name, your address, your email and your phone number so we know how far away you are from our location as it may help with our pricing as well as help us plan our scheduled routes for the week.

After that you will begin to fill out the form, in the comments area you will want to give us all the information you have gathered about the damage based on the above questions and research you have completed.

Lastly, take your best photo that you snapped of the damaged carpet and upload your photo to our submission form. See below.


Reviewing Your Carpet Damage and Scheduling Repair

Now that we have your case information we will go through the detailed information you have given us and determine the necessary requirements needed to make your carpet repair. Once we’ve completed our analysis we will contact you by phone or by email with a quote if possible and to schedule a day and time when we can come out and complete the job.

Now you know how to prepare for a carpet specialist to come to your home and repair your carpet damage. If you’re ready to contact We Fix Carpets, click here to go to our Free Consultation Form.

Once complete, click below to learn more about what to do once your carpet repair specialist arrives.


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