Carpet Damage Description – Residential Carpet Repairs Caused by Pet Damage

This week we look at carpet repairs made in a home in the Sydney Metropolitan area. This was a pulled thread that was caused by a dog. When you own pets they tend to like to scratch at surfaces, especially the carpet so it is good to mindful if you see any carpet thread sticking up that they may want to play with. It’s best to give us a call to see what can be done to prevent damage or to make any repairs before they get worse. See below pulled threads damage a dog caused.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

In this situation we had to get a bit creative as there was no spare carpet left over from the original instillation. What we did was found carpet in a non high visibility place inside of a built in cupboard.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

in this situation, the stairs of course is a major traffic area of the carpet and it is a lot more worn and flattened making it look dull. As the new piece from the build in has never received foot traffic or exposed to the same conditions it looks slightly different. However, over time this new piece will bloom and condition in and match perfectly.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

Our client was very pleased and said, “Looks fantastic!”


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