Carpet Damage Description – Pet Damage to Carpet

This carpet repair was a residential job in Sydney. The owner experienced carpet damage to their stairs as a result of pet damage

How Was the Repair Made to the Pet Damage?

To make this repair to the pet damage, we had to cut out and remove all of the old damaged carpet. Once we were done removing all the damaged carpet we then were able to carefully sew in a new piece using a invisible mending which came along nicely and would be hard to notice without actually knowing it had been repaired.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

Our main challenge in working this job was working with matching up the old and new carpet so it looked seamless and unnoticeable.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

That is a fantastic job, it looks really good. Thought we may have had to replace the whole stairs. Thank you!


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