Carpet Damage Description – Iron Burn in the Carpet

This was a Manly NSW carpet repair job we completed in a residential home to repair an iron burn in the carpet.


How Was the Repair Made to the Iron Burn in the Carpet?

This was another patch job to fix this piece of damaged carpet. We used the cut and replace method where we cut out the old damaged piece of carpet and then replace the cut out piece with an undamaged piece of carpet that we had to find in another location that wasn’t visible to a typical visitor or even the tenants of this home. We then used invisible mending to sew in the new piece.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

The challenge that our technician faced during this carpet repair was the fact that the carpet used to replace the cut out area where the burn was happened to be newer then the carpet area we were replacing.


What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

That’s much better! Awesome, thanks!


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