Carpet Damage Description – Iron Burn in the Carpet

This was a Kellyville NSW carpet repair job we completed in a residential home to make remove an iron burn in the carpet.

kellyville nsw-carpet-repair-iron-burn-in-carpet-before

How Was the Repair Made to the Iron Burn in the Carpet?

For this job our technician was able to use the invisible mending technique to make this iron burn in the carpet disappear. The first thing we did was cut out a section of carpet from a non-visible area of the home in which we were able to use to patch the cut out piece of carpet that was removed in the carpet damage area.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

The biggest issue our technician had with this job was he had to try to get the best pattern match as possible which proved to be quite a challenge in this case. Overall though he did a brilliant job in the carpet repair and the customer was quite happy.

kellyville nsw-carpet-repair-iron-burn-in-carpet-after

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

I cannot even see it, That’s GREAT!


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