Carpet Damage Description – Carpet Water Damage Sydney

This carpet water damage Sydney repair was a commercial job we successfully repaired in Sydney. There was a water damage caused by a water leak from bathroom into hallway.

How Was the Repair Made to the Carpet Water Damage?

To make this repair to the water damaged carpet, we removed the damaged area by cutting it out and we found another piece of the same carpet that we could use to replace the cut out piece with invisible mending to create a seamless repair to the carpet.

What Were the Challenges Repairing the Water Damage?

The main challenge we faced when making the repair to this water damage was trying to make the piece that we sewed in as invisible as possible.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

Love the repair! I thought I would have to buy new carpet. – Michelle

We were very happy that we were able to help Michelle out.


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