Carpet Damage Description – Food Stain in the Carpet

This week we had a Chatswood, NSW carpet repair to tackle and it was one of the most common types of carpet damage we run into. The all to common food stain in the carpet which despite how much we try to prepare for it and educate our families to take care when handling food over the floor, it just always seems to happen anyway. While some will try to use chemicals for carpet stain removal, we don’t endorse that as most of the time you not only cannot fix your carpet, but you will make the carpet stain even worse.


How Was the Repair Made to the Food Stain in the Carpet?

Using the best practice of invisible mending, we were able to make the patch to replace the cut out damaged carpet that had the food stain which as you can see was very unsightly to say the least.

What Were the Challenges You Faced?

Usually the biggest challenge we face is finding the right spare carpet to actually make the carpet repair. This can be difficult especially for the renters who didn’t install the carpet in the first place and the owner has the spare carpet. In this case, we had a difficult time finding carpet we could use but ultimately prevailed on this Chatswood NSW carpet repair job.


What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

Awesome! Thank you so much!


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