Carpet Damage Description – Carpet Stain Removal of Bleach Stains

This carpet stain removal job was a residential job we successfully completed in Sydney Metropolitan area. There was a bleach stain caused by an accidental spill to the carpet causing the damage you see below with 4 very noticeable white spots in the carpet.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?

To make the repair needed, I removed the damaged or bleached tufts and re-tufted the carpet with new yarn.

What Were the Challenges of the Carpet Repair?

The main challenges faced when doing this carpet repair was to match the yarn colour as evenly as possible so there would be little or no visible area where the one could see the repair.

What Was the Customer Reaction After the Repairs?

“I cant see where you fixed it. Where was it? That’s amazing, thank-you!” – Arthur Y.

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