Carpet piling happens when the fibers of the carpet start to unravel. This can happen from the abrasion of daily wear, and you will see small little balls appear on the surface of your Berber carpet. Besides looking horribly messy and unattractive, the presence of carpet piling means that your carpet is damaged.

Many people make the unfortunate mistake of trying to make the repairs themselves using common household tools such as a scraper and scissors. This will likely cause even more damage to your carpeting. Trying to make the repairs yourself when you are not trained in doing so is not a wise idea. Instead, hire a professional carpet restoration company. They will be properly trained to fix your carpeting the right way, and you won’t have to worry about any further damage. This is the best way to ensure that your carpet will be restored to its original appearance.

Carpet Pilling on Berber Carpet

Do you have a Berber carpet that has started to pill and fuzz and your vacuum cant remove the carpet pilling? You may not have been aware that wool carpets also fuzz and pill like your woollen jumpers.

 Carpet is no different being a natural fiber.

So if your Berber carpet has fuzzed or carpet pilling and looks old and worn then we can help you. At We Fix Carpets our carpet specialists have a specialized shearing machine that can remove the excess fluff and fibre and bring your carpet looking brand new again. Say goodbye to your carpet pilling and hello to your restored carpet!

You can look at the photos and clearly see the difference on what our technicians sheared and the area that has not been sheared.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Repair Company for Your Carpet Pilling Damage

A professional repair company like We Fix Carpets will be able to fix your carpet pilling damage with no problem. Your Berber carpet is delicate and needs skilled hands working with it. Just like anything else made of wool, this type of carpet will develop pills and fuzz over time that your vacuum won’t be able to remove. These blemishes can cause your expensive carpeting to look worn and old.

The difference is nothing short of amazing.

The professionals will have special equipment, such as a shearing machine made especially to fix carpet piling. These machines will remove the extra fiber and fluff that has made your carpet appear old, and make it look brand new again. You will be delighted to see how well they can perform carpet restoration in your home; you will not ever want to attempt any carpet repairs by yourself. Carpet piling is something that is best left to the skilled and trained technicians at We Fix Carpets.

Let We Fix Carpets bring your carpet back to life and repair your carpet by removing the carpet pilling today.

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