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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your carpet care tips and ideas on steam cleaning my carpets?

We Fix Carpets will only recommend cleaning your carpet if it needs too. The annual clean to freshen up your carpet is not something we advise. Steam cleaning is a great way to remove stains and dirt from your carpet along with pet odor but it can also take out the stain properties that are build into your particular carpet. There are many different yarn types in carpet so treating the right yarn construction is highly important. Only clean the effected area if you have a stain. No need to clean the whole installation.

Do you do carpet repairs to stairwells? Also, do you have carpet care tips and ideas for better upkeep of the carpet on the stairwell?

We Fix Carpets often will carry out repairs to stairs and the stair treads. In most cases we have prolonged the wear life of the carpet by installing bull nose capping. This can freshen up the look of your carpet and can also prevent any potential trip hazards.

I have a lot of children running through my house at times. Are my carpet fibers destroyed by dirt and sand that they track in sometimes?

Yes they can be but only at the base of the yarn fibers. Regular vacuuming can help this and prevent damage as well as enforcing a “no shoes on in the house” rule.

Can one loose thread ruin my entire carpet?

Yes, this is the main problem that consumers face. They have a loose thread that may have been pulled by a family pet or furniture being dragged over the carpet. If left this thread will eventually run further and the thread could zipper for the whole length of the carpet. The thread can also get caught in the vacuum and pull further.

We have a few stains in our carpet so we were wandering if you can you fix small stains and are there any particular kinds of carpet stains that you cannot take out?

We Fix Carpets are able to fix most stains but no carpet is completely stain proof. If we cannot remove a stain we often replace the effected area with a small patch.

I have a hole in my carpet; will patching my carpet make it look new again?

It depends on the kind of damage your carpet has, as this will determine the way and method for us fix it. All patches will look slightly different for a while but overtime the new piece will bloom and condition to the same appearance as the old carpet.

I have a few bald spots in my carpet, what can you do to repair those?

Our carpet repair specialists are able to hand sew back in the same yarn to mend the bald spot. This bald spot may have occurred when something has caught onto the carpet and pulled the thread out.

Can you do anything to make our hallways look better? There is a lot of traffic that goes through there and it has caused the carpet to wear down considerably.

Not really, as the pile has flattened and matted due to the normal household foot traffic coming in contact with the carpets pile. Getting the carpet professionally cleaned using the hot water extraction method helps but will only remove any soiling. It will not make the pile look new; just remove the dirt and stains.

We are considering remodeling a room and potentially removing a wall, what can you do to help with the carpet?

We often replace these sections where a room has been removed. We can install the same carpet if there is any spare or even insert a border to add to the aesthetics of the room.

A new floor we recently installed is sitting at a higher elevation then the carpet causing tripping hazards, can you do anything to help us fix this?

Yes, We Fix Carpets often carries out remodeling of sub floors bringing the carpet to the same height as the abutting floors. This can be done in several ways and this will depend upon if it is a wooden or concrete floor and the type and style of the installed carpet.

What kind of carpet burns do you repair?

We Fix Carpet often repair various types of carpet burns. The most common we see is iron & cigarette burns. Also we repair burns in front of fireplaces that are damaged by flying or dropped ash.

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